Evelyn Bea is a wedding and lifestyle photographer that is based out of Mount Vernon, Washington. Evelyn is a creative professional who completed her BFA in Graphic Design, expanding her deep connection with artistic endeavors. She understands that each picture is able to communicate a story of the moment that is captured. With Evelyn, clients will be able to expect timeless images taken in a photojournalism format. During weddings and events photos will be captured in an unobtrusive manner and with a subtle discretion, allowing couples and their guests to enjoy the celebration without interruptions.

Services Offered:

Weddings | Lifestyle | Family | Events

Evelyn takes time to get to know her clients before a photo session or wedding event. This approach enables her to truly capture the authentic romance between couples and/or unique family dynamics. Evelyn offers more than just basic services as well. If a situation calls for it, she is a renaissance woman who is capable to step into many roles in order to make sure that her clients are able to enjoy a smooth and pleasant event, without any unforeseen hiccups. This photographer is happy to work with clients at events both large and small.